Are you in immediate need of good cash for an emergency expense calling for a steady flow of money? Well, it won’t be smart to aspire for the conventional loans here since these are a time consuming process and won’t be able to address your immediate needs. Moreover, if you don’t own great credit record, chances of loan approval are really slim if you are taking to conventional loans. The short-term logbook loans are a bliss here. The post below describes why and how to avail logbook loans.

Why to avail

Logbook loan can be defined as a short-term loan where the debtor is just required to have his/her own registered car. There is no other criterion here and the logbook lender won’t scan through your credit record. Thus, anybody, with any sort of credit history (including bankruptcy) can apply and get approved for logbook loan. Besides, the logbook loan always assures a faster approval in comparison to traditional long-term loans. There is no question of detailed document scanning here and hence a logbook lender can have your loan approved within as fast as 15 minutes. In fact, logbook loan involves faster approval duration in comparison to the other short-term loans as well where minimum approval time is 24 hours.

Moreover, albeit the logbook loan is a short term loan yet it allows you to ask for higher values in comparison to other short term loans. The loan value ranges from 100 to 1,000 or 1,500 pounds in case of usual short term loans- but logbook loan enables you to ask from 500 pounds to as much as 25,000 pounds.

How to avail

Your chosen logbook lender should hold Consumer Credit License to ensure a legitimate loan processing. It would be smarter to opt for here since this leading logbook lender comparison site enables you to sign up with the most compatible lender for you. The website works with reputed logbook lenders only- all of whom hold Consumer Credit License & are registered members of Office of Fair Trading. The site will recommend the most appropriate and competitive lender for you according to your application specifications.

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