Many US companies would love to export their products or services overseas. It only makes sense. By selling only in the US, the company limits its market and selling in other countries opens its market exponentially. In addition, a company may recognize a niche market in a single foreign country or group of countries where its products or services are in high demand.

But one of the major impediments in selling to other countries is the area of export regulations. Going through the myriad of export laws through the Foreign Trade Regulations, knowing which licenses are required, which acts are prohibited and the requirements for shipping and selling are enough to intimidate many businesses.

For many, they feel additional sales is enough to offset the cost of complying with trade regulation. These companies may be expert in the product or service they sell, but export licensing is out of their area of expertise.

But those who truly see a global market as potentially profitable will seek out a company that provides expert export assistance. Such a company will provide the technical expertise to break down the foreign exporting barriers.

A good foreign exporting consultant company will provide the following services:

• A thorough knowledge of trade regulations for the domestic company and the foreign market. This knowledge will include keeping up with ever changing regulations, especially those directly affecting the domestic company’s product or service;
• Assistance in obtaining the proper licenses for the domestic company or providing the company a domestic company to sell its product overseas;
• The ability to handle currency conversions and the billing to foreign companies;
• A solid working relationship with government agencies involved in foreign trade. These companies include the Department of Commerce, the State Department, and to an extent, the Internal Revenue Service;
• Understand the foreign standards for entering a product in the target foreign market. As other countries may have different certifications or standards for various products, it is vital that the exported product meet the foreign standards for use, packaging and safety;

In essence, the export outsourcing company acts as the go between of the US domestic company and the new overseas market, creating the bridge between manufacturer and customer. The ability to comply with both US export rules and foreign standards now allows the company to increase sales, avoid the pitfalls of government agencies and increase its bottom line.

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