themenwhobuiltamericascA favorite TV program seems to teach us the part of the United States history. However, if we analyze more deeply, it also contains some basic rules in finance especially in nature. The TV program is the story of some great business men who gave great contribution to the development of the United States. One of them was John D Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil who played the first monopoly in the US. What can we learn from him?

Look further

Instead of investing his money in mining oil, Rockefeller chose to invest in distillation. He thought that the mining field is risky and quite tricky. Therefore, he decided to collect the oil from the mining company and distillate the oil to be kerosene.

Be Innovative and Informative

His product of kerosene was offered under the name of Standard Oil. He ensured his target market that his product is the perfect one especially related to the stability. Finally, he could sell the product to the whole United States.

Ask for Advice to the Expert

Before going to build his company, Rockefeller went to an expert in distillation to ask if it was possible to make a huge company to distillate oil. Being sure about everything, he finally invested his money for the success.

Even though Rockefeller was one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the United States, what needs to be remembered is that monopoly is not accepted.  Do you learn something?

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