Buying Life Insurance

Many people say that buying life insurance is such a future investment especially for the beloved children of the buyer. Some even believe that life insurance is an expression of love for the beloved. Whatever they say, life insurance is still considered as important in general. However, for first time buyer, there could be some important questions to answer before making the decision.

  1. Is it necessary? Being necessary could be so personal based on one’s condition. Someone close may say that life insurance is necessary for him. Yes it is only for him.
  2. How much the amount of coverage needed? To answer this, going to a website that provides online calculator could be helpful. For an easy answer, multiplying the annual income or salary with 8 will be the answer for the proper amount of coverage.
  3. What is the most appropriate policy type? It depends of the amount of the coverage. When it has been decided, it will be easy to find the best policy meeting the required coverage.
  4. What about the provider/ company? It is important to find the best provider because the insurance policy is closely correlated to the provider qualification.
  5. What should be learned? Well, it is necessary to learn special terminologies related to the life insurance to minimize misunderstanding. Be careful with the terms of “Dividend”, “Premium” or “Beneficiary”.

Are you ready to buy now?

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