I have recently inherited a little bit of money and I have been trying to figure out what to do with it. The first priority is to keep as much of it as I am able to do without going to jail. I obviously do not want to pay more of it to the government than I absolutely have to, but I do not want to do anything flaky and end up getting the IRS in my business. I realize that to keep the money I probably have to find something to invest it. The shark report blog is what I am reading right now, but I have been looking all over the internet trying to figure out what I need to do and how I can do it. I know I do not really want to hire a stockbroker. I have the idea that most of those guys are interested in collecting commissions, they want to buy this and then sell it and charge you ten percent on each transaction. That seems to be their real priority.

I do not want to share my money with the IRS, but I realize that I have to do it and the alternative is not very pleasant. Of course you might get away with it, but I am not very good at getting away with stuff like that and so I do not do it. I have a choice when it comes to a stockbroker. I do not want to share my money with them, and so I will not. If I was sure the guy was going to earn his cut that would be fine with me, but I am pretty sure I can find some way to get the same rate of return without paying some guy. I want something safe and hands off.

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