Do you know Margot Micallef? Most of you might have never heard of her name. Well, what’s so special about her? Here, we are going to talk about her and how she can become the inspiration for the women especially in the field of business. Even though at this recent time, there have been many women who become working women, but the amount of the women who are still hesitant to do it is still massive. And such hesitation will be even greater when it comes to running a business.

For the women, to run a business and become the founder is the role of the men. They think that they will be overwhelmed if they do it because their nature is as mother and wife instead of businessman and seeking for money. This kind of assumption is really wrong. There is no difference between men and women when it comes to the role to get money. If you can start making your own money and you are a woman, you will be even valued highly. It is because you can be independent and you can support the finance of your family.

And Margot Micallef has proven that it is really possible. She is the founder of Oliver Capital Partners, a firm which specializes its service in investment advisory and she is really successful in running it. At the same time, she is still a loving mother. So, if you have interest in owning and running your own business, you should do it. Women can also do it too.

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