More than half of all customers who received promotional items used that company later, and more than 70 percent of customers found that those items led to brand awareness and recognition. If you still think that direct mailers and television ads are the key to success, think again. Customers today like the idea of getting something for free, and you can use promotional products in a few different ways.

Free Gift with Purchase

You can easily find keychains, refrigerator magnets and other inexpensive products priced at a few dollars. If you want better items, including tee shirts, polo shirts and wallets, you need to spend a little more. Instead of giving those items out to every person who steps foot in your shop or office, make those items a free gift. Shoppers and clients only receive those items when they purchase a certain amount of products or services from you. You can even offer a range of promotional items and give customers a new item when they spend more.

Trade Shows and Promotional Events

When looking at promotional products Toronto business owners often forget about trade shows and industry events. These events offer ample networking opportunities that can help you make others aware of your company and form connections to get better prices on products, equipment and supplies. Use promotional items as a way to let people know about your products and services, and have your employees wear promotional shirts during the event. The more people see your company name, the more they’ll talk about your company.

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