You might be well served at least getting an expert to weigh in on your retirement plans. This is mostly because there may be options out there that you don’t know about. The Sun Cities Financial Group recommends:


  1. 1.    How are they compensated? If the person you are talking to gets a commission from the products they sell you, go someplace else. That’s a conflict of interest. You need them to care about your bottom line and in selling you products that work for you.
  2. 2.    How qualified are they? How much of this have they done? You should look for a certified financial planner who has been trained on issues around retirement planning and who will abide by the fiduciary standard.
  3. 3.    Do they go by the fiduciary standard? This means the person will go beyond recommending what they consider to be suitable you need to buy things that are totally in your best interests.
  4. 4.    What does your gut tell you? Go in and meet with a few people, ask them all the questions you want, and see how you feel about them after talking to them for a while. They will be managing something very important and personal for you. If your gut says no, so should you.


Most people don’t go to retirement planner for a variety of reasons but having an expert guide you through the process can make it a lot less stressful and a lot more profitable in the end.

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