When you begin the PowerPoint presentation, you will probably think about how you want each slide to look and the information that you want to include on each slide. Customization is important as you want the presentation to stand out from others. There are a few tips that you can use in order to get the best presentation possible that has unique looks for any topic.

There are themes that you can choose from instead of trying to create your own slide. However, if you choose a theme, then you will be given slides with backgrounds of the same design. This is an easy way to complete a PowerPoint if you need one done quickly and if you don’t mind the presentation having the same colors and designs throughout.

One way that you can create custom PowerPoint Presentations is by using different kinds of fonts and gradients on the slides. A solid background is a little more professional while pictures on the background can help tell a story. Think about what you want to get across to the audience. This can help you determine what kind of background you use. Another way to add customization is by using transparency or patterns with the words or the background.

After you have decided what kind of background you want, you can start thinking about how you want the words to look and the pictures that you want to include. Avoid using a lot of pictures as it can clutter the presentation and take away from the information that you want to provide. Actions can be added to the pictures and words. An example would be a fade in or a rotating entry. Music should be added last so that you know what kind you want to use and how you want the music incorporated in the presentation.

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