The basics of owning a restaurant franchise can be boiled down to a written contract between you (the franchisee) and the corporation who ultimately owns the restaurant chain you’d like to be a part of (the franchiser). A franchised restaurant’s corporation owner does retain overall legal ownership of the restaurant, but they are turning over operating and profiting privileges to you. This business relationship is very beneficial to both parties, and here’s why:

you do not have to worry about building a restaurant from the ground up; instead, you’re walking into an already-existing restaurant that is ready for a manager to take the reins the franchiser will handle advertising, marketing, equipment, and food service responsibilities; it is simply your job to make sure day-to-day operations go smoothly the franchiser can trust you to handle the running of the restaurant, so they can focus on improving the brand’s profitability, which in turn will improve your profits.

In some cases a franchiser may decide to give a restaurant manager more than one restaurant to manage; in other instances they may recommend a different location to manage, or even an entirely different restaurant type (some corporations franchise different types of restaurants – such as southwest and Asian, or a seafood chain alongside a fried chicken chain).

When looking into the expense aspect of things, such as a Cold Stone franchise cost, keep in mind that you already have a solid business plan in place – you simply need to approach a bank or even a private investor who is interested in providing financial backing for what is sure to be a successful business venture.

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