Precious metals such as gold will rarely lose their value. As they are one of the scarcest materials on the planet, it is always in high demand. Throughout the centuries, individuals and nations would melt gold from other sources and turn it into coins, jewelry or anything else that may be valuable. In some cases, coins would be shaved around the edges with the resulting shavings turned into new coins.

These days, gold coins are generally used for investment purposes. As gold will generally increase in value during a bad economy, it can be used as a hedge against dollars and other commodities that may lose value. This can provide a person with a way to preserve their retirement savings or even gain some value for their portfolio depending on how much it appreciates.

One benefit to buying gold is that it is relatively liquid due to its demand. There are many people who are willing to accept gold for trade or will buy it for cash. Therefore, you aren’t going to be stuck with a gold bullion if you think that your money will be better invested in another commodity or in a hot stock. Another benefit is that you can sell anything that has gold in it. This means that old jewelry could be sold for the value of its gold no matter what condition it is in.

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