My father-in-law told me that everyone can afford a child. His attitude is that it just works out. I guess he was referring to simply finding a way to make do and get by no matter what the circumstances were. Well, let me tell you, kids are expensive. When I was growing up I ate what was put in front of me whether it was good for me or not. My parents thought a healthy diet was plenty of meat and lots of goodies. A lot more is known about nutrition now, and baby food coupons are the only thing helping us to be able to afford the healthiest diet for our baby.

Sure, you look at a jar of baby food and think how it is not too expensive. You consider the small servings a baby eats, and kind of get a cost estimate in your head. Now add on top of that diapers, the baby bag, car seat, bibs, clothing, shoes that almost cost as much as my shoes, more diapers, crib, toys and other stuff. After you are done adding that up, tack on more clothes and diapers. Remember, the kid is growing, and part of growth is eating, eating and eating along with the elimination of waste products. That is putting it mildly!

We use coupons for everything now. They really help us be able to afford a step above what we could afford without them. And as every other decent parent feels, you want your kids to have more and do better than you. My wife is amazing. She uses the baby food coupons and other coupons to get a low total at the store every week. I watched a grand total of about a hundred bucks drop to a third of that because of coupons and BOGO offers. Babies might not come with an instruction manual, but the coupons they have available to help pay for their needs are a real help.

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