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I have just now arrived in Kuwait where I have been assigned by the company. Of course in theory I am a defense contractor, but in reality I work for the company that has the contract here. They explained to me that this makes me eligible for insurance from the Defense base act insurance. It usually applies to dockworkers on Naval bases that happen to be overseas. This is what the official government site says more or less. The Defense Base Act gives workers’ compensation protection to civilian employees working outside the USA on military bases or under a contract with the U.S. Read More →

As someone who has done little to save for the future, I have long been woefully aware that I could easily find myself in trouble when my senior years could be a great financial struggle as a result. For several years, I have said that I would do something about it, but then too many other things get in the way. I finally decided that I needed to learn the stock market, and I recently heard about how to do pairs trade with Pair Trading Stock System . I wondered if it would take awhile for me to understand it or if it would be something that I could become really good at very quickly.

Despite having a 401(k) at work, I paid little attention to it. Read More →

Sure, there is opportunity in pairtrading, but you need to know your stocks. You need to know all about short sales as well as when to buy. Plus, you need to know when to exit both of the pairtrades. Having a good app that is a decent pairtrade finder would be very helpful. You need similar stocks to be doing this sort of trading in the first place. You buy both, and it does not really matter which one is growing or declining. You just need to know when to buy and sell. You end up being neutral in your trading but still making money.

It is not for beginners in trading in stocks. Most people get their start in mutual funds. They are relatively stable depending on the fund you invest in. The spread out risk is a real help for beginners. Then people usually go into trading a couple of single company stocks. They might do well and want to expand some of their disposable income into more risky stock trading ventures. They do it because of the potential returns. Read More →

When I started my company, I was the only one on the payroll. I handled all of that myself because even if I had wanted to hire an accountant in Woolloongabba, I would not have been able to afford one. As business picked up, so did my number of employees. I only added one at a time until I reached five employees, then I was able to hire more because of a huge contract that I had picked up. It was at this point that I knew I needed to finally hire a professional accountant.

I had been managing on my own up to this point, but I was definitely struggling a bit in the process. Taking care of just one aspect of accounting is difficult enough for a busy person, but handling all aspects makes it very tedious and tiresome. Read More →

I have recently inherited a little bit of money and I have been trying to figure out what to do with it. The first priority is to keep as much of it as I am able to do without going to jail. I obviously do not want to pay more of it to the government than I absolutely have to, but I do not want to do anything flaky and end up getting the IRS in my business. I realize that to keep the money I probably have to find something to invest it. The shark report blog is what I am reading right now, but I have been looking all over the internet trying to figure out what I need to do and how I can do it. I know I do not really want to hire a stockbroker. I have the idea that most of those guys are interested in collecting commissions, they want to buy this and then sell it and charge you ten percent on each transaction. That seems to be their real priority.

I do not want to share my money with the IRS, but I realize that I have to do it and the alternative is not very pleasant. Of course you might get away with it, but I am not very good at getting away with stuff like that and so I do not do it. I have a choice when it comes to a stockbroker. I do not want to share my money with them, and so I will not. If I was sure the guy was going to earn his cut that would be fine with me, but I am pretty sure I can find some way to get the same rate of return without paying some guy. I want something safe and hands off.