When I started my company, I was the only one on the payroll. I handled all of that myself because even if I had wanted to hire an accountant in Woolloongabba, I would not have been able to afford one. As business picked up, so did my number of employees. I only added one at a time until I reached five employees, then I was able to hire more because of a huge contract that I had picked up. It was at this point that I knew I needed to finally hire a professional accountant.

I had been managing on my own up to this point, but I was definitely struggling a bit in the process. Taking care of just one aspect of accounting is difficult enough for a busy person, but handling all aspects makes it very tedious and tiresome. I was also worried that I was going to make a mistake that could affect someone else and not just me, so I started looking for an accountant as soon as I landed my first large contract. I had heard good things about Live Balance from a few business associates, so I decided to start with them.

I was impressed with everything on their website, but I wanted to get a feel for them in person before I made any kind of commitment. I was able to get an appointment rather fast, which impressed me as well. That indicated that they take their business as serious as I take my own, which is exactly the kind of accounting firm I want handling my day to day accounting needs along with the payroll. I was offered a very fair rate for their services, so I decided to give them a try. I have not had any problems with them, and they are going to remain my accountant for as long as I am in business.

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